What the Readers are Saying:

“I could see myself following this blog quite easily” – Mantha (Goodreads Reader)

” It’s jam packed with wonderful little quirks and so many positives that I may just run out of superlatives!” –Lily Loves Indie

“we are treated to a perfect blend of actual experiences and dialogue mixed with blog posts” – The Hive

“the two main characters are wonderfully down to earth about romance and finding Mr Right” –Anne (Goodreads Reader)






“This felt like this should be the beginning of a series of books about Ava and Morgan.” – TBird (Amazon 

“Will I read it again? Well DUH! Of course I will!” – Mantha (Goodreads Reader)

“It was a great story to curl up and read at night or even out on the beach.” – Rose’s Book Blog






This stunning collection of short stories has got to be one of my favourite items on my kindle.” – Lily Loves Indie

“Each story is a small piece of perfection” M. C. Rayne (Goodreads Author)

“Each story is a small victory for Feeney” – Lindsey Grey (Goodreads Author)

“Her collection is moving, heartwelling, and tear inducing” –Lisa Bilbrey, Author





” I was glued to this book from the opening sentence. It has a great ending, but it left me hungering for more.” – Keren Hughes (Goodreads Author)

“It’s real, it’s believable, it’s like something that could really happen, and all of this makes for irresistible reading.” – Lily Loves Indie

“A very good read, a heart warming love story that will definitely leave you thinking about your own ‘one that got away'” – Sarah (Amazon Reader)






Dear Diary 2“Applaud the author in getting into the mind of a teen on an adventure that changes her life forever.” – Keen Reader (Amazon Reviewer)

“I loved this super short novella with a passion. It was beautiful, fluffy, upbeat and emotional.” – Book-Lover Blog (Goodreads Reader)

“Definitely a coming of age story that teaches some important life and heart lessons.” – Sydney Logan (Goodreads Author)





Reluctance 2

“great read from Aidens point of view, but waaahhhh I wanted more” – Donna Norman (Goodreads Reviewer)

“a very clever and well written book, and a beautifully heartbreaking short” – Amazon Reviewer

“powerful writing and a real depth of emotion” – Lisa (Amazon Reviewer)








“Oh my Tyler! How I love and Hate you.” – Lisa (Amazon Reviewer)

“A great story about coming to terms with the mistakes of your past” – Rebecca (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Great story and wonderful addition to the series” – Lisa (Goodreads Reviewer)







“Short, sweet, perfect” – 4TLOR (Goodreads Reviewer)

“A sweet story, adding another dimension to this wonderful series – Amazon Reviewer

“Such a great ending book for the series” – Rebecca (Goodreads Reviewer)








“The banter between the girls is hilarious, they have such a beautiful friendship even though they all live countries apart from each other but they support each other so selflessly” – Natalie M (Amazon Reviewer)

“M B just makes all of the relationships within the group work, they feel real, I totally wanted to be in there with them! All characters were so laid back and relatable.” – Stacey G (Amazon Reviewer)

“I love how Charlotte came across as a ‘normal’ person. This author has a great talent of portraying her characters as real and she rocked it with this story.” – Philomena Callan (Goodreads Reviewer)




“Brilliant, bloody brilliant.” – Lostred (Goodreads Reviewer)

“I thought I loved Gage before in Texas, but not not as much as I do now” – 4TLOR (Goodreads and Amazon Reviewer)

“A must read for anyone who has read It Started in Texas” – Sarah H (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Every girl needs a Gage” – Lucy (Amazon Reviewer)




“I absolutely loved this story and all the memoriesit envoked” – Kazzy (Amazon Reviewer)

“90s Britpop heaven” – Amazon Reviewer

“Dialogue-rich tale set in 90s London” – R.E. Hargrave (Goodreds Reviewer)

“A great lighthearted story” – Naurarwen (Goodreads Reviewer)





“Amazing love story that pulls at the heartstrings” – Louise (Amazon Reviewer)

“the relationship between the characters was portrayed outstandingly” – Amanda (Amazon Reviewer)

“I loved this book, couldn’t put it down.” – Karen (goodreads Reviewer

“Definitely an enjoyable read” – N.R. Tupper (Amazon Reviewer)





“Loved this heartfelt short story” – Tania (Goodreads Reviewer)

“It made me cry slightly” – Louise (Goodreads Reviewer)







“Well written and hot” – Sal (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Full of fantasy and daydream” – Amazon Reviewer)

“A quick, hot as hell read” – Kim (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Quick and steamy” – K.M. Lowe (Goodreads Reviewer)





“Fabulous and well laid out story” – (Amazon Reviewer)

“Engaging and a page turner throughout” – (Amazon Reveiwer)

“Highly recommend to all” – Lily (Amazon Reviewer)

“A really heartfelt moving story” – Louise (Goodreads Reviewer)

“Such and emotional and beautiful read” – Kyra (Goodreads Reviewer)




“Well written, so full of raw emotion and passion” – Kazza (Amazon Reviewier)

“The gradual reveal of Lucy and Jenson’s history was perfectly done” – Clare (Amazon Reviewer)

“Cute, fun, and swoon-worthy” – Danii (Amazon Reviewer)

“If you’re looking for a heartwarming read, I highly recommend” – Carrie (Goodreads Reviewer)

“A total JOY to read.” – Cat (Goodreads Reviewer)




“Festive, sexy, and straight to the point.” – K.M. Lowe (Amazon Reviewer)

“Steamy and sexy and I couldn’t get enough.” – Linz (Amazon Reviewer)

“Tasteful filth” – Clare (Amazon Reviewer)

“The perfect one night stand” – Danielle (Goodreads Reviewer)

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