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Welcome to the Hot Summer Romance Blog Hop

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As this blog hop is all about romance, here’s an (unedited as yet) excerpt from my upcoming anthology, Honour. (Due for release early November). This particular passage is from a short called Silence is Deafening:

Do you remember telling me that I gave you heart palpitations the first time we met?  I still maintain you stepped out in front of my bike on purpose to get my attention.  The fact that I broke my arm in two places when I crashed into that cart was bearable as it brought you into my life.

I have a list of things that cause my own palpitations just thinking about them.  Each and every one involves you as you make my heart race by just being near me.  I’m not sure if you ever knew the effect you had on me, even after the first couple of hours we spent together.  You’d made my world complete without me realising it needed it.

The day I first told you how I felt was a complete disaster.  Having the knowledge that I was going to tell you how much I loved you spun me into such a panic that I was sweating and shaking to the extreme that you nearly had to call for the Doctor.  You calmed me enough to enable me to pour out my feelings and what did you do?  You told me off!  I had just bared my soul to the woman I loved and you scolded me for making you worry.  I could have cried and walked away, but then you broke down into nervous laughter and told me you felt the same.  Finally life was perfect; I was young, healthy and loved by the girl of my dreams.

We went through it all again when I decided that I wanted, no, needed you to be my wife. I shook so much that you father thought I was taken with the drink and nearly dismissed me from his sight, but I managed to receive his permission to ask for your hand. My mam gave me the engagement ring that dad had presented her with all those years and we went for a moonlight walk along the banks of the Liffey.  I mustered up the courage to go down on one knee, my sweaty hands held yours until you agreed to be my wife for all eternity.

Our wedding day was the best day of my life.  I know we didn’t have much money, and you had to borrow Rose’s dress, but to hear you say those words binding us together was the worth more than all the riches I could imagine. It was the most priceless moment I had experienced, or so I thought until three months later when you told me I was going to be a daddy.

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