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To Camp or Not To Camp?


Every time I sign up for NaNo, I fail spectacularly (last November was the best word count I ever managed at just over 42k)

So… do I sign up for Camp next month? I would get to set my own target word count (which is great), and I have plenty of projects I can attempt to finish off – maybe even more than one could be completed.

I wasn’t originally going to sign up because of the Chester Signing next month, but sadly, I have had to withdraw from attending because of Childcare issues (urgh), so I would have the time to write, and it may kickstart the motivation that has been seriously lacking so far this year. Honestly, every time I sit down to write, I find something else to do and the word doc gets closed without me adding anything to it.

It’s getting ridiculous and frustrating and I’m getting angry at myself more than anything. I have multiple projects that need to be finished this year. I’m currently writing a charity piece (minimum 15k word count) which will be in an anthology to raise money for Clusterbusters. While Girls and Boys is complete, editing will be starting soon (ick) and I still need to finish Andy’s accompanying novella. This will be titled A Wicked Game and is about 9k so far. I’m aiming for it to be at least 35-40k (more would be great).

Next month, I am releasing The Exchange Series: The Complete Collection in both ebook and paperback.

So, with all that, I can’t afford to have no motivation right now. So, yeah. Just going to sign up for next month’s Camp…


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