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Teaser Tuesday

Time for another, unedited, teaser. Not even my pre-readers have seen this bit, so I hope you like it.

Once again, it’s from my current WIP (which I believe is almost finished) The One That Got Away. I’d love to hear any thoughts you may have, but remember it is subject to change.

“What the hell happened in London?” I looked at her in shock. “Oh come on. I know you think you’re fooling everyone else, but I know you a bit better than they do.” Did she ever! She’d seen me at my worst after I finally got the balls to kick Shawn out after he’d cheated on me, again. She’d also seen me at my best, usually when we had one of our rare nights out, when I’d let loose and had fun.

“You know. . . I don’t even think I could sum it up properly.” The grin on her face was huge.

“I’ll come with you to pick the kids up, then having dinner at yours. I have a feeling this’ll be juicy.” I shook my head, rolling my eyes. Sophia had this built in gossip radar. I was only surprised she’d not picked up on it sooner. There was no way I’d be able to dissuade her.

“I should have known.” I stubbed out my cigarette and went inside to wash my hands.
“You should have told me the moment you got back.” She was actually scolding me. “It’s not very often you give me a reason to want to sit on the floor in front of you, chin in hand, glass of vino, and listen to you talk. Let’s face it, you’re actually quite boring.” I flicked soapy water at her.

For as long as I could remember in the seven years we’d been friends, she’d always teased me about being ‘the sensible one’ out of our circle of friends. The fact that something had happened to me while I was away was like a lottery win to her.  I laughed as she made googly eyes at me and blew me a kiss; tonight was going to be interesting, and quite possibly a bit messy. Thankfully, it was Friday and I didn’t have to worry about letting myself have a lie in.


Sophia stared at me, a look of amazement on her face for a full five minutes after I’d finished my tale of debauchery. The kids had been fully entertained by her and were now holed away in their bedrooms, reading or watching a DVD in bed.

“I’d say I was proud of you for finally becoming the wildcat I always knew you were. . . ”

“But?” There was a ‘but’ every time she trailed off at the end of a sentence that way.

“Why the hell is this the first time I’ve even heard about this Shane?”

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