Story Exchange

Earlier this year, I signed up to take part in a story exchange with some fanfic writers on Facebook. I used to write Twilight fanfic years ago, and I’m still friends with many that still do.

I used to take part in fic story exchanges, and the woman who organises those decided to organise one for original works.

The basic premise is this: You give 3 (pretty vague) prompts, a selection of 3 names and the genre you wish your story to be and what you are willing to write. Then, these prompts and names get swapped around and given to someone else. Everyone writes their story (2-10k) and posts on Wattpad on the same day.

Well, today is posting day and I thought I’d share the link to my story as well as the link to the tag so you can check out the others if you wish.

I can’t wait to read the story that was written for me.

Story Excange

My Story

Story Exchange Tag

If you decided to read the stories, please leave the author a little comment. It boosts our ego and self esteem 😀

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