Novella,  Right Click Love,  Teaser

Right Click, Love Teaser

This is a small teaser from my Novella which is dues to be released in December through Renaissance Romance Publishing.

The quick blurb is…

Disheartened about not being able to find Mr Right on the London dating scene, best friends Jodie Lynch and Louise Hewson create a blog to not only document their disastrous dates with the numerous Mr Wrongs and Mr OK for Nows, but also to help those going through the same experiences and to see where they’re going wrong. How will they deal with everything the dating scene has to throw
at them – planned or otherwise?

Hope you enjoy…

The pub wasn’t far, which allowed them to walk. Heels clacking on the bone-dry pavement, Jodie and Louise clutched each other’s arms for support.

“It’s times like this that I wish I’d never quit smoking.” Louise fumbled in her bag for a packet of gum. Jodie hadn’t seen her friend so nervous in a long time, but she wasn’t feeling particularly calm herself. She didn’t do well with being thrust into situations in which she had to sell herself. It was bad enough doing so on a one-to-one basis during a date over a few hours; she couldn’t begin to fathom how to do it in just a few minutes. Maybe they could find somewhere else to go and just go on the pull like normal women in their late twenties. Jodie was just about to suggest this to Louise when they arrived. They hovered outside the open door for a couple of seconds before Louise gathered her confidence and took charge, dragging Jodie inside and straight to the bar.

Both women felt instantly better with a glass of wine in their hands; so much so that they dug up the courage to join the queue at the registration desk. It was a surprise to find out that they had to complete an information sheet.

“They do realise we’re not signing up for a dating agency don’t they?” There was a slight hint of panic to Louise’s voice as they handed back their completed forms to the bored looking hostess. Each received a “Hello my name is. . .” sticker before they were led to small table each featuring a candle for atmosphere and a notepad and a pencil for taking notes.

“Way to create an atmosphere. Romance with just a hint of scrutiny,” Jodie snorted as she looked around the room at the other women who had already been seated.

“Oooh. I like that quote. Will work well on the blog.” Jodie watched as Louise scribbled the words down on a piece of paper before folding it and slotting it in her pocket. She rolled her eyes as Louise lifted her glass in thanks.

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