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Right Click, Love Teaser

Ok, as the release date is drawing nearer, I thought I’d give you a little teaser from the final edited version. It’s short, but I hope it’ll leave you wanting a little more. It’s taken from the Chapter 3 blog post.

Conversation Two:
Me: *looks at his sticker* “Hi, John.”
John: *mumbles* “Hi.”
M: “So, tell me about yourself . . .”
J: “Um . . . I’m thirty, I work in the city . . .” *takes nervous sip from his bottle of poncy beer*
M: “That’s . . . er . . . nice.” *gulp* “So, you live local?”
J: “Not too far. Me and mum co-own a house about ten minutes away.” *alarm bells*
M: “Oh . . . that’s great.”
J: “Er . . . so, what do you do for a living?”
M: “I’m a legal secretary.” *tumbleweeds*
At this point I’d given up the will to live and knocked back almost a whole large glass of wine. We sat in silence until the bell rang again. 

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