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New Year, New Me – hopefully!

“New Year, New Me” – How many of you HATE that phrase? I’m not a fan because it’s usually followed by a month of holier than thou activity, then all plans are left by the wayside. It never, ever, works – for me at least.

This year, I’m determined to make my resolutions work, because rather than just make plans to “write more” or “publish more books this year”, I’ve decided my resolutions are more proactive. Things such as time management and discipline.

In the new year, I will be on my final year teaching placement, then (hopefully), I’ll be working full time as a teacher, so my writing time will be limited. Rather than let this bother me and cause me to get annoyed by my not writing every day, I aim to have half a day a week (maybe more if possible) where I concentrate on nothing other than writing. )After all, I have a smartphone, advertising and internet surfing can be done anytime.) By doing this, I’m hoping to hone my abysmal time management skills, which in turn will eventually lead to my having more writing time.

I’m also trying to stop my reliance on Facebook for my self promotion. I’m hoping to utilise this blog more, and not just to slap up and promotion post. I’ll hope to spotlight other authors, and give readers a bit more of a glimpse into my personal life (within limits, I’m not that type of girl :p). Why should I only write about writing, I’m a person too – besides, look at all those pretty tabs at the top of the page, that’s all the business stuff.

This present blew me away. A friend, and reader, had this bracelet made for me for Christmas.  have to admit, I’m too scared to wear it in case I lose it so I am saving it for special occasions – one of which is the Second City Signing in Birmingham.
So, I have my plans set in place, what about you? Are you making a resolution or are you bypassing the whole idea completely? How do you plan to achieve any that you do make?
Lastly, what kind of things do YOU want me to post about? I’d love to see some of your ideas in the comments!

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