Nano – Weekly Post 1 with Teaser

This time last year, I’d pretty much given up on NaNoWriMo as I’d been too busy with assignments for uni, but this year I am free of those for the year. I have informed the other half what it’s all about and what I need to do. He’s actually been quite good at leaving me alone in the evenings while I write.

Naturally, I spend time with the kids for the few hours between getting home from school and going to bed. I don’t seem to be able to write during the day, so I pretend I’m a domestic goddess at this time… sort of.

As soon as the kids are in bed, I’m tapping away, but not always on my NaNo piece. I am far too easily distracted by the various social media sites I have profiles on. But, I have managed 5,137 thus far. The official target for the end of today is 6,667, so I think I can manage it. If there’s enough of us over on Skype for a WC (and I close the internet down)

Anyway, here’s the teaser for Week 1:

I was always a stubborn child and that didn’t change much as I grew up, well if Uncle Pete was to be believed. I could almost hear his voice saying it as I ripped off my gravy splashed apron and threw it in Joe’s face before I grabbed my bag, my jacket and my tip jar and walked out of his grotty shithole of a cafe.
“Sophie, babe.  Who’s gonna serve up now?” He acted as if nothing had happened.
“Do it yourself you disgusting prick.”
“Come on! At least finish your shift. I’ll pay you double.” I could feel six pairs of eyes as every customer present watched us as if we were on Centre Court at Wimbledon.
“Shove your shift up your arse you perv.” I slammed the door behind me, not caring if the glass panel fell out or not.  I shoved my headphones in my ears, pressed play on my iPod and turned the volume up loud as some angry sounding Linkin’ Park pounded into my head, matching my mood.  I lit a cigarette I didn’t want as I stomped along the street towards the bus stop.  What I needed was an Ed intervention.
“Sophiekins, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?” Ed wrapped his arms around me in his usual greeting.
“Work? Ha.” I motioned for him to pour me a drink… a large one.
“Why did you walk out this time?” He sighed at the thought of me losing yet another job.

“Because, Joe is a filthy old fucker who said the only way I could have the pay rise I asked for was if I gave him a blow job.” 

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and come back next week for another.  Please remember these teasers are UNEDITED, any mistakes you spot will be fixed in December.


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