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NaNo Week 4 With teaser

Well, NaNo’s almost at an end and once again I have failed dismally at reaching 50k. On the plus side, I managed to get up to almost 13k (as of this afternoon) which is an achievement. I just hope I can keep going with it and actually finish it. Who knows, it may even be publishable.

I know for a fact I won’t be able to take part in NaNo next year as my final year of uni will be epically crazy, but in all honesty, I doubt I’ll attempt it again. I find that I put myself under so much pressure which then allows me to get distracted by anything and everything which I then use as an excuse as to why I haven’t written every day.

At least I’m honest eh? I’ll do another post when NaNo is over completely.

Anyway,now for a teaser. Enjoy:

I was putting the finishing touches to my make up when a buzzing sounded, signalling Luke arriving ten minutes early.
“Fuck! I haven’t done my hair.” I ran into the hallway, my hand full of Kirby grips.
“Stop panicking. Go get pretty, I’ll keep him entertained for a few.” Becky shooed me back into my room as she picked up the intercom handset. I ran out of sight before he came in.
“So, you’re Luke.” I rolled my eyes a few seconds later at Becky’s stating of the obvious as I pulled my hair into a simple up plait and secured it with about a million hair grips. I checked my make up was still in place before putting in some earrings and pulling on a wooden, chunky bracelet. I walked into the living room to find Luke looking around curiously. I couldn’t see Becky, and for that I was glad.
“Hi.” I cursed the smallness of my voice caused by the flutter of nerves that had decided to move into my stomach. Luke spun round, a smile on his face.
“Hey, you look great.” Luke himself looked really good. Slim fit black jeans, a loose fitting jumper pulled up to the elbows showing off obscenely attractive forearms.
“Thanks. I was worried about looking too casual, but seeing you, I feel a little over dressed.” I indicated his battered lace up boots and his fashionably mussed brown hair. “But, you look good too.” I quickly added.
I allowed my eyes to travel up his impressive body. He was taller than me, but thanks to my heels, I was looking at his lips rather than his adam’s apple. Both were very attractive, but distracting. I heard him clear his throat and pulled my eyes up to his face. It was obvious, from the wide smile, he’d been watching me checking him out.
“What?” I shrugged the embarrassment away determined not to blush.
“Calm down Soph. I’m sure Luke doesn’t mind you looking at him like he’s your main course at dinner.” Becky appeared from nowhere. I gaped at her as she continued to speak. “Quit mentally undressing him, go out, get lashed, and continue onto sexy times.”
“See you later.” I grabbed my bag and a light jacket and led Luke out of the flat before I gagged Becky.
“Did she really just use the term ‘sexy times’?” Luke sniggered. I groaned, causing him to laugh even harder.
“She doesn’t get much opportunity to speak to adults being a nanny. Her filter’s a bit crap.”
“Say no more. My sister works with young kids and she’s a little odd too.”
“That’s a bit mean.” I allowed him to guide me over to his gleaming car.

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