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NaNo Week 3 – Teaser

I managed to get a little added to Freedom to Fly this week, but it’s been a real struggle getting back into it. Plus, promo for Right Click, Love and Sugarplum Dreams is beginning and that is taking up a lot of my thoughts. (mainly causing nerves).

I also got new glasses this week and am getting used to wearing them. This is no excuse to not writing, none of them are, but it’s the truth. I will keep going, but I know for a fact that I won’t meet the 50k which is fine. I won’t have ‘won’ NaNo, but I will have the beginnings of a novel… maybe.

Now for the teaser:

I’d been moving around the bar collecting the empties and chatting to the regulars for twenty minutes. I was on their side of the bar only a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t want to lose the connection I had with them, some I would have even classed as friends who teased that I had ‘gone over to the dark side’ and that I was no fun anymore as I had to remain sober on shift. I promised that I would be in one night when I wasn’t working and they could all buy me a drink to apologise. Soon shut them up.
“Evening.” Luke’s deep voice rumbled from behind me as I straightened from wiping an empty table. I turned to find his hazel eyes taking in my skinny jeans and white vest top which was a little beer stained as his body heat washed over me.
“Nice view?” I returned his greeting with a smile that let him know that he’d been caught.
“Not bad, I wouldn’t mind a return visit just to make sure.”
“A return visit infers that there’s going to be an initial visit.” I joined Ed behind the bar, missing the heat from Luke’s body yet relieved at the distance between us. “I assume you would like a beer.” I didn’t wait for confirmation as I grabbed a glass and began to pour the pint.
“You’re a bad barwench are you?”
“You wanna wear this beer?” I kept my face straight.
“I’d rather drink it.”
“Stop calling me a wench then.” I felt Ed sidle up to stand next to me.
“Problems Soph?” He knew full well there wasn’t as I wasn’t swearing like a navvi and I hadn’t thrown anything.
“No, everything’s fine. Luke’s just apologising for his minor slip of the tongue.” I watched Ed’s eyes widen slightly at the mention of Luke’s name.
“I do, utterly and profusely. Will you allow me to buy to a drink to prove myself?” Now he was just showing off in front of Ed who was hulking behind me in all his muscly glory.

I hope you enjoy it. I’m going to post another One Shot this week which I hope you check out and enjoy.

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