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Looking Back . . .


When I first decided to rework It Started in Texas, I honestly expected it to take forever. It was going to be a side project that I would dip in to as and when I wanted as I worked on the next in The Exchange Series (which HAS been started for those of you who want to know); but when I opened the prologue, I fell in love with the characters all over again.

Gage and Charlotte – along with their crazy family and friends – have captured my heart again in the best way possible. While I’m sad that I’ve put other projects to one side while I concentrate on this book, I’m excited to get this as polished as it possibly can be.

I want this book to do well. I want all my books to do well, but Texas has a very special place in my heart, and I really don’t want it to get overlooked. Not many people know the origins of this book, and while they’re in the past, they are a driving force behind my working so hard on it.

I have some little surprises up my sleeve which will be announced when I feel appropriate, and I hope people get excited the way I have revisiting these characters and their journey; to connect with them, particularly Charlotte. She’s just a regular woman trying to find her way in the world when her life is flipped upside down by meeting Gage. I want my readers to think about how they would react in that situation, to relate.

I am currently working through the 2nd draft, looking at feedback from my amazing pre readers. The word count, which at the end of the 1st draft was 86,990, is slowly creeping upwards. It’s highly likely that this book will end up at around 90k – which, if you know me, scares the bejesus outta me 🙂

Once this draft is done, my pre readers will be looking over the manuscript in it’s entirety. While they are doing this, I will be organising the cover reveal and looking for bloggers interested in receiving an ARC copy, so keep an on my FB page for the links for these. I’ll also have more of an idea of release dates and when I’ll be putting the book up for pre order on Amazon.

I’ll also be organising a promotional event over on FB which will include a ton of giveaways and author takeovers. I’ve already secured 2 fantastic prizes. It will be during this event that I shall be announcing some great and, to me at least, exciting news about this book and it’s characters…

So, onwards and upwards.


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