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Liverpool 2016


After the original event was cancelled, Leigh Stone stepped up and decided to get the event go ahead in order to recoup any losses made by authors and readers. In 27 days, she was able to hire a room, bring together the above authors (and models), and a whole host of readers and bloggers.


Myself, my assistant for the weekend (my best mate Sarah), another author Nicola C Priest, and blogger/volunteer Vikki Love arrived at the hotel on the Friday. Most of the evening was spent in the bar meeting up with other authors we’d already met, and other we hadn’t.


 Saturday morning, we headed into the room and began to set up. Thankfully, I have a Sarah, otherwise my table would have looked like a jumble sale, but she made it all pretty. And I need to give a very special shout out to Ye Olde Swag Shoppe for providing me with the amazing swag I had to give away to readers.




Because of where I was sitting (I think I was put in the naughty corner), I didn’t realise straight away when the doors were opened until people reached my table to either buy a book or to collect a pre order. I was too busy people watching, and snapping a few sneaky photos.



I still find it a little strange when a readers asks to have a photo with me, but a couple did which I was honoured to do. I know there a couple more floating round, but I didn’t have them saved.



The signing flew by, and it was soon to pack away and head up to the room to get ready for the evening’s… shenanigans. We dressed up, Western Style, and descended on the bar for food and a lot of drink.





An amazing weekend was had by all, so much so – we’ve already decided to do it again next year. Same place, near enough the same time. Check out my events page for more details. I for one can’t wait!


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