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Interview with Gage from It Started in Texas

I put out a cal for interview questions for the gorgeous Gage Weston from my rockstar romance, It Started in Texas. I didn’t get as many as I’d hoped, but the ones I did get were fantastic.

Here goes – beware there may be spoilers if you haven’t read the book:

Hi Gage, how’s things going?

Hey darlin’, things are great. Charlie and the kids are great and the band are doing so well.

That’s great. I’m so pleased to hear that. So, now I’ve been able to get you to sit still for than more 5 minutes, let’s get started…

Oh boy… this could be messy. *laughs nervously*

Celebrity kiss, marry, and avoid. Who and why (submitted by Tori)

First off, Charlie isn’t gonna see this is she?

I make no promises.

Dangit. Well, let me think.

*goes quiet for a while*

Ok… Kiss – I’d have to say Angelina Jolie. That woman is beautiful. Marry – If I didn’t have Charlie, I’d say… uhm… ah… *fiddles with his wedding ring* Scarlett Johansson. She’s just amazing in everything I’ve seen her in. Avoid – I hate this, but I’d have to say any of the Kardashians. I have nothing against them personally, but they’re kinda vapid, don’tcha think?

I do. And I think that even if Charlie did see this, she’d respect your choices.

Thank you, ma’am.

What’s a show you’re binging at the moment?

We just recently finished watching You and Umbrella Academy. Dang, those shows were amazing.

I agree. I loved them both too.

I think Charlie had a thing for Klaus, but I’m confident in our marriage to not be jealous.

Yeah, Klaus was brilliant…

Ah man, not you too?

If you could have one thing in the world that you don’t have now, what would it be and why? (submitted by Laurie)

Ah, man. Laurie, why you gotta get deep like this? *laughs*. Uhm… If I’m honest, with Charlie and the kids being healthy, and a family I love and respect, I have everything I ever wanted or need. However, a sick car wouldn’t hurt, haha.

Oh, what car would you buy?

Aw man. I’d kill for a Chevy ’67 Impala.

Oh, someone’s a Supernatural fan?

Hell yeah. That’s show’s the bomb!

Not gonna disagree. I’m totally #TeamDean

I’m #TeamCastiel.

If you and the band were trapped in the zombie apocalypse, who would be the first to die? (submitted by Sarah)

*laughs hysterically for a full five minutes*

Matt, without a doubt. Even with Karina to protect his ass.

I can see it.

*more laughing*

This or That:

Coke or Pepsi – Pepsi

Cats or dogs – Both

Tea or coffee – coffee, all day

Books or music – music

Film or TV – film

Pancakes or waffles – pancakes

Text or call – text

Chocolate or vanilla – both

Well, that’s all I have. Thank you so much for sitting down with me, it’s been too long.

It really has sweetheart. Thanks for havin’ me.

If you would like to read more about Gage, feel free to check out It Started in Texas on Amazon.

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