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I Think I’m Going to Struggle

It’s suddenly hit me, I am RUBBISH at self promotion. I know,  know. It’s not THAT much of a shock really, not to those who know me.

I fully admit to being one of those people who was very naive about the whole publishing process. I knew to expect the editing side of things (STILL not my favourite part – Sorry Mav) and re-edits etc… BUT I never knew to expect the amount of self promotion there is to do.

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, there are so many places to “pimp” out your upcoming book, short story, or article, but I’ve found, unless you are completely devoted and diligent about keeping all of these up to date,
it’s quite hard to build up the fanbase.

I’m lucky, I have some very supportive friends and my family are brilliant too, but finding completely new readers is hard. Yes, people may ‘like’ your page or follow you on Twitter, but this is no guarantee they will actually buy and read what you release. THIS is where I am getting nervous, and think I will struggle.

My family and friends have said they will buy Right Click, Love or Sugarplum Dreams which makes me smile, but will people who have never heard of me buy it? I’m hoping that fans of the other ladies who buy it for their stories read mine and enjoy it too.  Maybe I’ll gain “fans” through them.

Right, who wants to give me a piggyback?


  • RE Hargrave

    LOTS of room on my back, darlin'… You're going to be fine. You're writing is smart, witty, and engaging and it only takes a 'new' reader a few minutes of picking up one of your pieces to realize that. Head up, chickadee!

  • Elizabeth Lawrence

    I know exactly what you mean. It's nice to have the people who love you give you strokes, but what I am looking for is the reaction from complete strangers who don't feel compelled to say nice things to me. And I don't like editing either – I don't think any author does, really. However, your writing is witty and engaging, and I'm sure the feedback will be positive!

  • M. B. Feeney

    As my editor, you've helped me more than most. I think it's the thought of strangers reading it that makes it scary (wondering if they will) but I will just have to sit back and wait!

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