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Here We Go Again…


I have attempted NaNoWriMo so many times and every time I’ve failed, yet I still keep trying.

This year, I’m using it to push myself to get On the Buses (may still change that title) finally finished. It’s currently sat at around 24,000 words and I’d like it to be around 80,000 so another 50 (If I win Nano this year) would be a great chunk done.

It’s now the 2nd of October, and I have a couple of things to get finished before I can dive in to Buses. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’ve added a wordcount widget to this blog in the hopes it’ll motivate me to keep going.

If you’re also doing Nano this year, find me (username mouse555) and add me as a buddy!

I must be crazy…

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