Freedom to Fly

I’m really struggling getting into the right mindset to write lately. So, to whet your (and mine) whistle, I thought I’d post the new (unedited) prologue for my failed NaNo piece “Freedom to Fly” (I’m still unsure about the title). I’d love to know what you think:

Despite the heat of the summer air being blown in through the open window, I couldn’t help but shiver as I removed my top and bra before the familiar process began once more. I winced as the machine squeezed and squashed my boobs painfully causing me to grit my teeth and attempt to breathe my way through it.

The nurse I knew smiled her apology as she released me, indicating it was over, until the next time. As she wrote her notes in my file, I pulled my clothes back on and rubbed the goosebumps from my bare arms. I smiled at the fresh ink on the inside of my left arm as I pulled my bag over my head. The floating dandelion seeds floating upwards towards my wrist had healed nicely. I made a mental note to rub some cream into the rest when I got home as I sat down.

After the usual discussion about having to wait for the results and how I was feeling in myself day to day, I was able to walk outside into the blinding sunshine. Pulling on my oversized sunglasses that made me look like a fly, I shoved my headphones in and began to walk.

Onwards and upwards


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