Fandom for Heroes

Last year, myself and a couple of friends decided to set up a charity compilation to help raise money for The Poppy Appeal and Help for Heroes. With the help of some amazing people, we managed to raise £450. A collection of fantastic stories was the result.

We decided to run it again this year, but this time, all stories submitted are to be Original Fiction. We have also changed the charities slightly, replacing The Poppy Appeal with The Soldier’s Charity. This does not mean we don’t want you NOT to help The Poppy Appeal, the link to their website is still up on the blog and we all still feel that this charity does amazing things, we just wanted to highlight a fairly unknown charity this year as well as one that is known nationally (if not internationally).

There is no theme, pretty much anything goes, but please check out the guidelines listed on the blog.

So far, we only have 4 authors (myself included) signed up to submit a piece. We need more. If you feel you are unable to donate a story, please consider donating a minimum of £5 to receive the collection. When you do sign up, please share the link to both the blog and the Facebook Page to help raise awareness.

PLEASE help. These men and women fight for our (and other) country and us as a nation. While both of these charities are UK based, we hope to highlight the amazing things servicemen and women around the world do.

Sign up here

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