Didn’t plan this…


I posted this on FB the other day, with a status that ended up being an unplanned mini rant.

“Writing is something that is innately ‘me’ – Something I’ve always done and can’t imagine myself not doing. It’s not about making money or bestsellers lists for me (Those would be epic bonuses though)

Anything creative or ‘arty’ should be a passion, not a way to make a quick buck in my opinion, so if that’s why you write, stop.

Reassess your priorities. Are you releasing the best possible product you can? If not, go back to the beginning and start again! Fall in love with your words and the world you are creating. If YOU love them, others will.

And on that note, I’m off to write. These books don’t write them damn selves.”

Now, I realise it probably sounds quite condescending of me to tell people if they can or can’t write, and that wasn’t the plan. What I was trying to say was that if people are writing to become “the next big thing”, then they are in the wrong ‘job’. There are so many people releasing books on a daily basis, it’s hard to make a decent splash in the market.

Having said that, I still agree with Joss’s words. Then again, I love everything this man puts his hand to. I wish I could write like him, a mixture of drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and humour that has you belly laughing – if you’ve seen Buffy or Firefly, you’ll get what I mean!

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