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Camp NaNo has begun

Day one word count  =  543. Doesn’t sound a lot does it? But considering I haven’t actually written since I submitted “Movies” for the RenRom Beach reads compilation, I’m pretty happy. Plus, I’m going rebel and am editing/reworking the piece I started for NaNo back in November.

I’m keeping in touch with anyone who’s taking part both on twitter (using #CNNWRRP) and on the new page set up by the wonderful S. A. Jones Camp RenRom.Come and join us.

S. A. Jones has also compiled a bunch of goodies to be given away at the end of April. Check out the details on her blog

So, I shared this teaser over on my author page on FB, but thought it would go down well here too.Meet the wonderful Ed:

Ed Clancy is gorgeous. He’s six foot, two inches in his socks, which makes me feel petite at my above average five foot nine. His blue eyes stand out against his black, curly hair which was cropped close to his head. I remembered the first time we met, working as Christmas temps in HMV in a local shopping centre. I was late and ran into the staff room just as he opened his locker, into my face. Well, my left ear… right onto my brand, spanking new forward helix piercing. That bitch hurt and I cried like a baby. I think that was what scared Ed more than anything else. There I was, twenty-six years old, curled up in a ball on the sticky, blue carpet clutching my ear while Ed tried to calm me down, worried he was going to get sacked on his first day.
He was lucky I don’t bruise easily; otherwise our friendship could have been non-existent. It also helped that when we finished our shift, he took me to the Mexican in the food hall I’d always wanted to try, to grovel and apologise again. It was then I realised he was destined to be my ‘gay best friend forever’. We became inseparable, even after the temporary jobs ended.

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